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Branson Back Roads

By: Michael Ayo

Videos By: Bethany Shaw

Publish Date: May 25, 2016

The summer months bring a wide variety of things to the Branson area. New shows, open attractions, warmer weather; just about anything you can imagine in order to have a great vacation. However, this also means the town gets busier. Much busier, in fact. At any point during the peak season there can be up to 100,000 visitors in Branson. That is nearly 10 times the number of residents Branson normally has. Those residents know how to maneuver around town when traffic gets bad, and it’s about time you did too.

Throughout many parts of the day, especially around the time shows let out, Highway 76 can get backed up for miles. From downtown Branson all the way to Silver Dollar City, the stop and go, bumper to bumper traffic can be unbearable. To avoid chaos, accidents and the occasional road rage incident, Branson has three separate routes to diverge traffic from the Strip while still taking tourists to their desired location. The Blue, Red and Yellow routes are designed to relieve traffic congestion and any Branson local must know them and various other back roads well in order to get anywhere in a timely manner during the summer. Locals aren’t exactly lining up to chauffeur visitors around all day during their vacation so it’s essential for you to know these routes as well. Check out the videos below so you can drive like a local on your next Branson vacation.

Blue Route

The shortest of the routes, the Blue Route begins and ends where Highway 76 intersects with Gretna Road and again with Roark Valley Road. The route takes travelers behind popular theaters and attractions along the north side of the Strip. Some of the more notable sights you will see are the future sights of Fritz’s Adventure and Ballparks of America along with Tanger Outlets and the Titanic Museum. See the video below to find out more about the Blue Route.

Red Route

Where Highway 76 intersects with Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and West Main Street runs into Branson Landing Boulevard begins and ends Branson’s longest alternate route, the Red Route. Like the Blue Route, the Red Route also resides on the north side of Highway 76. It runs through downtown and crosses over Highway 65, passing by the Choose Branson Discount Ticket Center and popular attractions such as the Yakov Smirnoff Theater, Sight and Sound Theatre and Branson Landing. For exact details of the Red Route, see the video below.

Yellow Route

The Yellow Route is the only route in town that runs on the south side of Highway 76. It begins and ends where Fall Creek Road intersects with the east side of the Strip and Highway 376 meets the west end of 76. This route takes you by a few mini golf places such as Dinosaur Canyon, along with the back side of theaters such as the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center, Dutton Family Theater and Caravelle Theater. See where else the Yellow Route will lead you by watching the following video.

Don’t let your next Branson vacation be hindered by wasting time in traffic. You need to know exactly where the town’s alternate routes are and be able to breeze past all the backed up cars. Once you’ve watched these videos, you’re officially ready to drive like a local.

Videos from Choose Branson on Vimeo.

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