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Branson Show Tracker 2017

By: Michael Ayo

Publish Date: January 9, 2017

There are a large number of theaters within Branson, with an even larger number of shows performing each night. Once the dust settles from the holiday season and slow season starts to set in, eager Branson visitors await to hear whether or not their favorite shows will be coming back for the next year or if they will look for opportunities elsewhere. Once they know the shows will be performing again, the question of “at which theater?” remains.

Choose Branson has you covered with the 2017 Branson Show Tracker. Below you will find a list of shows that have already announced their intentions for the 2017 show season in Branson.

#1 Hits of the 60’s and 50’s Too!

This show called the Americana Theatre home in 2016, but will transition to the Clay Cooper Theatre in 2017. It will be exciting to watch this talented seven-member cast perform classic hits this season at their new home.

70’s Music Celebration! Starring Barry Williams

After a wonderful season at the Americana Theatre in 2016, Barry Williams has decided to pursue other opportunities outside of Branson. Because of this, “70’s Music Celebration!” will no longer be performing. Please join Choose Branson in wishing Barry the best of luck in his future endeavors.

ABBA Tribute: Thank You for the Music

After calling the God and Country Theatres home for the past four years, “ABBA Tribute: Thank You for the Music” will be moving to Hamners’ Variety Theater in 2017. With great shows already performing at Hamners’, “ABBA Tribute” is sure to add an extra punch to this year’s lineup.

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

Located at the New Shanghai Theatre in 2016, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai have purchased the Mickey Gilley Theatre and will rename it the Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre to perform in during the 2017 season. All of Branson is sure to be in for a spectacular show at the rebranded, but classic, theatre.

AYO Starring Voices of Glory

This talented trio of siblings performed at the Hughes Brothers Theatre during 2016 but will now call the Starlite Theatre home for the upcoming season. The Voices of Glory will undoubtedly bring a powerful performance to their new theatre in 2017.

Barbara Fairchild Dinner Show

The timeless Barbara Fairchild entertained audiences for years inside the Golden Corral Showroom on Shepherd of the Hills. Unfortunately, she will no longer be performing in Branson during the 2017 season and instead will be pursuing other areas of interest. Choose Branson wishes Barbara all the best for her future.

Beach Boys California Dreamin’

Like “ABBA Tribute,” “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” has spent the past four years performing at the God and Country Theatres and will transition to Hamners’ Variety Theater in 2017. Be sure to hang 10 in Branson this year at Hamners’ with “California Dreamin’.”

Blackwoods Morning Show

Formerly at the Starlite Theatre, this classic Branson show will be performing at the Dutton Family Theater in 2017. “The Blackwoods Morning Show” has over 80 years of musical history, and will be a great way to start your mornings this show season.

The Bretts

While this musical family of five will be staying put at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, they have decided to invest more time into their Christmas show. Because of this, the Bretts will only be performing in Branson from September through December of 2017.

Forever Young

This lovable new show took Branson by storm at the Hughes Brothers Theatre during their first full season in town. For 2017, “Forever Young” will be taking their energetic, youthful entertainment to the Americana Theatre. This show will, without a doubt, add some excitement to the already wonderful lineup at the Americana.

George Dyer

As one of the greatest tenors in the world, George Dyer and his show put on quite a performance at the Mickey Gilley Theatre in 2016. As for 2017, folks at the Americana Theatre will now have the privilege of listening to him sing. Dyer and his wide range of vocals are sure to be a hit at his new home this year.

Hank Williams Revisited

This incredible show honoring the great Hank Williams entertained many during its time at the God and Country Theatres. This year, “Hank Williams Revisited” will be entertaining the folks at the Caravelle Theatre. If you want to hear several classic country hits performed beautifully, be sure to make your way to their new home in 2017.

Janice Martin

One of Branson’s most talented musicians, Janice Martin put on wonderful performances during her time on the Showboat Branson Belle. During the 2017 show season, this talented vocalist, violin and piano player will have her own show at the Americana Theatre. Stay tuned for more information regarding this new show.

Prince Ivan

This trio comprised of Aaron Ellsworth and Garon and Brydon Brett has called Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater home ever since their group’s conception a few years ago. This year, “Prince Ivan” will be taking their talents to the newly named Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre and electrifying performances are sure to follow.

Raiding the Country Vault

As one of Branson’s most popular new shows in 2016, “Raiding the Country Vault” put on an unmatched performance during their season at the Mansion Entertainment Center. For 2017, they hope to replicate that success at their new home inside the Starlite Theatre.


This “orchestra of human voices,” as dubbed by some visitors, performed inside the Mickey Gilley Theatre during the 2016 season. This year, these six brothers will take their stunning performance to the Hughes Brothers Theatre. With a musical spectrum that ranges from Elvis to MC Hammer and Coldplay, “SIX” is sure to bring plenty of new visitors to their new home.

Keep checking back here for more updates as they come in on shows shuffling throughout town!

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