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By: Michael Ayo

Publish Date: December 30, 2016

If you are an avid visitor to Branson and love vacationing here to see all the shows and attractions, then Choose Branson has just what you need. New for 2017, Choose Branson will be releasing a newsletter through email each month with up-to-date Branson information so you can know what fun and exciting things are happening when you come to visit. The Choose Branson Monthly Newsletter will include…


Is there an exciting new attraction coming to town? Did a show just open up at your favorite theater? Information like this will always be included within the monthly newsletter. As an added bonus, we will also include some of our best news articles published to that could include everything from shows and attractions to food and fun.

Show Deals

As one of Branson's leading travel resource websites, Choose Branson is focused on providing convenient, easy to use ways to get show and attraction tickets for your vacation. We will highlight our favorite shows we sell tickets to each month in the newsletter while also letting you know which ones we are currently selling at a discounted rate.


Choose Branson offers a wide variety of vacation packages that include accommodations and activities. These packages can expire and often change. In our monthly newsletter, we will let you know which packages are currently being offered and how you can purchase them.

Exclusive Newsletter Subscriber Deals

Along with the show deals and packages offered on, separate deals will be offered exclusively to newsletter subscribers. Details and promotional codes will be given out within the newsletter that can only be viewed by those who subscribe to it. If you are looking for a hot deal to truly make your Branson vacation a once in a lifetime trip, sign up with your name and email address above.


We try to interact and give back as much as possible. Whenever we are hosting a contest or giveaway, we will provide the information on how to enter or win in the newsletter. We currently have one giveaway happening right now, but more are sure to pop up on social media and our website. Be one of the first to know by subscribing to our newsletter.

Updated Information

Schedules and information are constantly changing for the shows and attractions in Branson. So much so that it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all the updates yourself. With our newsletter, you won’t have to. We will alert you through the newsletter when a theater has added or cancelled shows, and when attractions are expecting to close or open on select dates.

The best information to have is the most up-to-date, and you can have just that by subscribing to the Choose Branson Monthly Newsletter. If you want to read all about what’s happening in Branson each month, please provide your name and email address above and we will add you to our mailing list. 

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