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Give Me 5 Campaign is Championing Core Values

By: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Published: October 4, 2017


The ‘Give Me 5’ campaign is the platform of Ozark Mountain Legacy to highlight Branson area organizations that are championing the city’s core values. Those values are Family, Friends, Faith, Flag, and Our Future. By becoming a Legacy Champion businesses and residents are ensuring that the character of Branson will continue to grow and develop well into the future.

Jory Rolf of Ozark Mountain Legacy explained that ‘Give Me 5’ is another way to work towards their goals. “It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate our core values. It allows locals and guests to recognize organizations that are championing those values. It also helps bring awareness to [Ozark Mountain] Legacy.”

“We recognize businesses, individuals and organizations and give them a high five for championing Family, Faith, Friends, Flag and Our Future. We had an opportunity to speak before the Board of Alderman and give them a high five for things they are doing in the community.”

Becoming a part of the ‘Give Me 5’ campaign could not be easier for community members and guests. The driving force behind the campaign is social media where individuals can post pictures of themselves and others giving out fives. “There’s an opportunity for other’s to share those stories that they see. They can go on Facebook and post a picture.” You can also post and share your favorites of the core values, or challenge others to do so. Finally give shout outs to people and organizations that are championing these values so they receive recognition for their efforts.

Keep an eye out around town for Legacy decals and posters. When you see them you will know that the business is a Legacy Champion partner.

For more information on Ozark Mountain Legacy and the ‘Give Me 5’ campaign you can visit their website, check them out on Facebook and listen to their “Legacy Moments” on KRZK. Choose Branson is proud to help champion our core values along with our community. 

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