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Adventures on Table Rock Lake

By: Kerry Pearson

Publish Date: July 19, 2016

Families from all over the country travel to Branson each summer for a memorable vacation. If travellers haven’t already purchased and planned their entire vacation ahead of time, they most likely know what they would like to do once they arrive. But what if you did something a little different with your family on this Branson vacation?

Sure there are many great shows to see and tracks to race but consider partaking in some of the lake fun Branson has to offer. A summer vacation to Branson is simply not complete without a trip to Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake makes up 745 miles of shoreline, providing about 43,100 acres of area to ski, swim, fish and play. It just makes sense that when you are visiting an area as beautiful as Branson to take a little break and enjoy the lake. There are several area businesses offering fun experiences for vacationers on the lake as well.

Located near Table Rock State Park you will find White River Dive Company. Many people don’t think about diving in lakes; however, because of the clear waters in Table Rock Lake, this is a perfect place to explore the depths. During a dive in Table Rock Lake you can expect to see a variety of wildlife and possibly even some rare freshwater jellyfish. Let the instructors and dive masters at White River Dive Company help you have an unforgettable experience this summer.

If diving isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for something out of the ordinary, meet up with Dru and Khelon Hayes at their Flyboard Branson business. Flyboarding has become increasingly popular across the globe, and within minutes of trying it out you’ll know why. You can fly like Iron Man above Table Rock Lake during this memorable experience, and there truly is nothing else like this in Branson.

Whether you want to spend a few hours on the lake or the entire weekend, State Park Marina has you covered. Table Rock State Park Marina offers all kinds of rentals, from house boats to parasailing. One of the more popular family activities is the Spirit of America, a 48-foot catamaran that sails across the lake daily. Onboard this catamaran you can relax, play and enjoy refreshments while taking in the beauty of the lake. Be sure to stop by the marina for more information and even a cold snow cone treat before you set out for your day on the lake.  

If you want to keep up with your physical routine while on vacation why not enjoy the view while you’re at it? There are a couple of different places that offer experiences with a workout on Table Rock Lake. Kayak Branson is located just minutes from the lake and provides a wide variety of kayak and paddleboard rentals. Kayak Branson also offers guided tours if you choose not to explore on your own. Another option is White River Kayaking, located in nearby Hollister, MO. The canoe and kayak rentals at White River include free drop off and pick up at the preferred lake as well as paddles and a personal flotation device.

For those wanting to see the lake but not spend the entire day out in the sun, you may find Ride the Ducks intriguing. Take a scenic drive onboard a hybrid land-water “Duck” vehicle where you will be able to see all the sights of Branson and end with a short cruise on Table Rock Lake.

However you choose to spend your day at the lake, it is sure to be a great time filled with memories of your summer in Branson. There is too much beautiful water in Branson to leave unexplored. So grab your family and friends, pack a cooler and head to Table Rock Lake!

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