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Big Fun with Mini Golf

By: Michael Ayo

Publish Date: May 17, 2016

Vacations are meant for having fun with family. With its numerous shows and attractions, Branson is a great place for family bonding. One thing you might notice as you drive through Branson, especially if you cruise down Highway 76, is the copious amount of miniature golf courses. Golfing in the Ozarks has always been a popular activity, but puttering around on a mini golf course is even better for those looking to spend quality time with loved ones. If you have fun and family on the brain, it’s essential to know where some of the best mini golf places are to visit in town.

Greatest Adventures

During the height of busy season, the Strip can get pretty congested. If the family wants to play 18 holes but isn’t overly excited about braving the traffic of Highway 76, go check out Greatest Adventures Mini Golf on Gretna Road. Everything you need for an exciting day of family bonding can be found here. Not only is there 36 holes of golf, but there’s also a great place to eat in Scooter’s Grill. The grill is most known for their burgers, but Italian beef and pastrami sandwiches are served as well along with appetizers and salads. Scooter’s has a perfect score with the health department and is the only golf course restaurant in the area to serve alcohol (although you aren’t allowed to bring it out on the course).

Once you’ve pulled yourself away from the delicious food and walk outside, you’ll find one of the nation’s best miniature golf courses. Greatest Adventures opened in 2008, and hosted the US Pro Miniature Golf Association’s US Open in 2011. There are two separate courses with 18 holes, one with a medieval theme and one with a combination of jungle and Egyptian. What makes this course so unique, according to general manager Scott “Scooter” Rowley, are the natural rock edges that surround each hole. Rather than the generic, flat brick siding, the rock edges make it to where a golfer is highly unlikely to get the same bounce off the sides twice.

Shoot for the Stars

While there are some great miniature golf courses off the Strip, some of the most detailed and extravagant ones reside in the heart of all the theaters. One course you can’t help but notice is Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf, which is a part of the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center. This 18-hole course features some of the most detailed obstacles you will find in town, including Oscar trophies, the Capital Records building and Beverly Hills apartments. Once you reach the final hole, you’ll take on the Star-O-Meter. This hole is designed like a skee ball arcade game with multiple holes to putt your ball into and is a great challenge to end your round of golf. Once you’ve toured the wax museum and seen the Castle of Chaos, be sure to go next door and “putt your way to fame” on this wonderful course.

Professor Hacker’s

As if the detailed holes at Shoot for the Stars weren’t enough to catch your eye, it will be incredibly hard to miss the crashing plane located at Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf Course. This mini golf experience on Highway 76 features two 18-hole courses and a mining train that takes you to the first holes. Along with the hole that features a plane taking a nose dive, there’s also a waterfall and several caves and mines throughout the courses.

The Lost Treasure isn’t the only course in Branson ran by the folks at Professor Hacker’s. Residing on Green Mountain Drive is Dinosaur Canyon, one of the most prehistoric mini golf courses you will find in the Ozarks. Here you can play through two 18-hole courses of dinosaurs, caves, waterfalls and a volcano with real fire. Whether you’re putting through dinosaur legs or a crashing plane, Professor Hacker’s two mini golf courses in Branson are great fun for the whole family.

Grand Country

Aside from their shows, restaurants and water park, Grand Country is another place in Branson with multiple mini golf courses to play while on vacation. Whether you’re up for golfing indoor or outdoor, Grand Country has you covered. Inside you will find not one, but two mini golf courses. The White River Black Light Mini-Golf Course is an interactive course that’s in 3D and the black lights make every detail of the course glow in the dark. The other indoor course is Grand Country Indoor Mini-Golf. This course is ranked one of the top 10 miniature golf courses in country by USA Today and features 36 holes of family fun. The indoor course contains rivers and waterfalls throughout and has an “Ozark rainstorm” every 30 minutes.

If you want to enjoy a sunny day while playing some mini golf, walk outside to the Grand Country Farm Mini-Golf course. Enjoy the animated farm animals, ponds, a wind mill and water tower located throughout the holes on Highway 76 and sensors will bring the details of the course to life with sound effects and animations.

There are a number of different miniature golf courses located throughout Branson; each with their unique and exciting attractions. This list is only a taste of the golfing adventures that await you on your next vacation so be sure to add any of these courses to your trip’s itinerary. Mini golf is designed for family fun, and there’s no place better for quality family bonding time than Branson.

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