Branson's Wild World

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Branson's Wild World
Category : Attractions
Address : 2020 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO
Phone : 1-800-4BRANSON (800-427-2676)
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For an incredibly exciting animal attraction like you have never experienced before, you will want to visit the Branson's Wild World, which offers an interactive aquarium. The aquarium is the home to many various exotic sea creatures; including eels, a full reef tank, and of course, SHARKS. Being one of the only TWO aquariums in the US to display the most dangerous species of shark to man...the Bull not only get to see them, but you can also feed them at Branson’s Wild World!  You will feel like you are a part of the wild world when you experience this wonderful adventure!

You can also feed a whole display of stingrays and also Branson's Wild World houses the only sea turtle in the Midwest. This is a special treat for kids and adults alike, as you enjoy all sorts of opportunities to interact with the animals, feed them, hold them, and learn about them. Friendly staff members will be available to answer all questions you might have.

Branson's Wild World Animal Attractions Include:

    The Touch Tanks – Touch all sorts of sea animals
    Creepy Crawlers – a display of all sorts of insects and spiders
    Carnivorous Plants – see plants that feed on more than soil and water
    Venomous Snakes – Wild World has a great display of snakes in the Midwest, including cobras, rattlesnakes, vipers, puff adders, and Black Mambas, as well as huge pythons and boas
    Freshwater Displays – See the wild underwater world of rivers and lakes
    Reptile “hands on” Display – interact with all sorts of reptiles including bearded dragons, snakes, lizards, and more
    The Reef – see an impressive reef system with your favorites like clown fish, lobsters, and shrimp
    The Doctor Fish – Experience a feeling like no other as you submerge your hands into a tank full of “doctor fish”, that will nibble on you and stimulate your nervous system
    Daily shows – Learn and experience our animals with the friendly staff

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