Velvet Collection Celebrity Car Museum

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Velvet Collection Celebrity Car Museum
Category : Attractions
Address : 1600 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO
Phone : 1-800-4BRANSON (800-427-2676)
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Views : 1909

The Velvet Collection Celebrity Car Museum suggests the sizzle of the stardom and the live thrill of Hollywood! In the Velvet Collection Celebrity Car Museum, when you can recognize a car featured in one of your favorite documentaries or television shows it draws out that enthusiasm of stardom of that particular vehicle. So to stand with a car of great fame for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity is an experience and memory to take home that most people find as exciting as meeting any other Hollywood celebrity of fame.

At any one time, Celebrity Car Museum hosts anywhere between 75 to 90 cars at a time within the museum. Including an excellent assortment of various classic’s, muscle cars, street rods, and celebrity cars, most all of the cars are for sale, hence, every time a car sells, it opens up the floor for news ones to be displayed.

Velvet Collection Celebrity Car Museum from Choose Branson on Vimeo.

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