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Samson at Sight and Sound Theatre

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Open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
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New in 2018- Samson!

Journey with this unlikley hero, chosen at birth as a champion of God. As long as Samson obeys the laws set down by God, he will have superhuman strength and defeat his foes. But, when he falls into temptation and loses his strength and his sight, he will face his greatest challenge. This will be an unforgettabel story that you  will not want to miss. You will be inspired!

Every November through the end of December is a special time at Sight & Sound, and the time when you can experience the "Miracle of Christmas." This is the inspiring story of the very first Christmas.

The Hebrew people are being crushed by Roman rule, hope is fading. Into the midst of this turmoil, unto Mary, a child is born and clearly this is no ordinary child! But who is he-really? Rejoice with your whole family as the true meaning of Christmas unfolds before your eyes.


Sight and Sound from  Choose Branson on Vimeo.



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